Deconstruction – the hidden house

Antique solid steel square cut nails were used throughout the house. The largest were used in the old growth Redwood structural framing, the smallest in the lath and plaster wall slats.


Lath and plaster – slats of wood placed close together horizontally with plaster slathered over it all. When torn down, makes a super fine dust that gets into everything. We lost one of our computers because of this dust.


Notice how the fire blocks are at angles. This was because each had to be put in by hammer and was easier to nail this way.

Ben 4

Gas feed pipe in the ceiling to an old gas chandelier. This tube was at a 90 degree angle and necessary for proper operation.


Nearly 30′ long 4×6 ceiling joists made of single run old growth redwood. The round part above is the turret on the front of the house. It was insulated in the early 80s.


Counterweight system for the original double hung windows. Very hard to repair once the rope breaks since it is hidden behind the casing.