Pocket Doors – Parlor

Another of the more difficult challenges was restoring and fixing the pocket doors that transition from the entrance to the parlor. When we bought the house, one of the doors had fallen off it’s rail and could not operate, stuck in the wall. First we removed the doors and refinished them – stripping down to Mahogany. There were 7 layers of paint and stain, including the faux wood paint you see on the top layer. We re-stained them with Bona stain in Rosewood color.


The hardware pulley system was broken (see broken metal on the wheel below) and we had to find a new solution.


We ended up going with barn door mounting hardware sold by Rustica Hardware – their J track with top mounted pulleys that are riveted, which would all sit inside the pocket opening. To install the track, we had to open the walls yet again, remove the old system, place the J track at just the right height for the doors to sit properly with the wheel mounts, then close it all up. Now it slides gracefully with ease.


We kept the original Eastlake hardware on the door pulls and repaired the push button activated brass pulls.


You can see the holes we had to make to insert the track including several in the intricate trim at the top that were hard to repair.


Final product, 9′ high x 36″ wide each 7 panel Eastlake mahogany doors.