Grand Staircase

Some photos of our restoring the grand staircase. First we removed the old carpet which revealed the original 122 year old douglas fir planks. These we had sanded and re-stained with Bona stain in Rosewood and 2 clear coats Mega satin finish.


We repaired the Lincrusta wainscoting that goes up the side of the wall. Some of it was damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and we had to take some pieces off another section of the house where it was being removed. It’s actually a thick piece of paper, not easy to repair. Once repaired, it was sprayed white with an automotive spray gun. Since the base paint was oil, we had to use a latex that could bind to oil paint – Benjamin Moore’s Advanced With Borne Alkyd, Swiss Coffee color.


We decided to tone down the heavy wood look and sprayed the balusters white also with an automotive gun. This helped focus your eyes on the newel posts, railing and planks and a slightly more contemporary look.


All the mahogany was stripped of its sticky varnish from years of wear and a couple of new coats applied of Bona Rosewood and Mega Satin.

20140727_153027 20140727_181251

Final product:

722SteinerStairwayCCrug DSC_0015 DSC_0135 DSC_0151