Shear Walls

In order to reinforce the narrow width of the house for seismic conditions, several shear walls were added at strategic locations while the walls were open. One of the more challenging ones was in the master bedroom next to the staircase leading up to the attic. In order to fully extend it per the engineer’s spec, we had to remove the upper stairs, place the new wall, then replace the stairs all in the same intense day in order to still have access to the living space in the attic where we partly retreated during construction.

Here is the gaping hole created next to the staircase and the start of constructing the shear wall.

20150120_100850 20150120_132247

Here is the temporary balancing beam across the staircase to get into the attic. And the finished shear wall constructed of 3/4″ plywood.

20150120_100843 20150121_143848