Structural I-Beam

The removal of the wall between the kitchen and family room to make way for a more open floorplan and kitchen island required placement of a steel I-Beam in the ceiling above the island along with 2 steel posts that went down 2 stories to the foundation below.

Here is the crane brought in to hoist the steel I-Beam and 20′ long posts into the house through the family room window.

20150212_145713 20150212_150815

Placement of the I-Beam using a scissor jack.


Onsite welding the posts to the I-Beam and bolts to the posts for studs. This had to be done onsite to be sure of height and fit.


Bolting posts to the foundation required reinforcement to the foundation with 4,000 psi concrete, seen here being poured in with a pump.


A shear walls was added perpendicular to the I-Beam to transfer earthquake force down the post to the foundation.


Completed opening.


Photo credit: Mitch Shenker Studio