Attic Loft


The attic loft was in need of a face lift and serves as a guest room, study and media room. It has incredible penthouse-like views of the city.

Attic 3 722SteinerGuestRm

We wanted a more contemporary look up here so we removed the wood paneling in the corners and finished the cabinet storage space with custom built doors made from high quality maple plywood that allowed a smooth finish when gun-sprayed. The 40 year old Velux tilt windows were still in good operating condition but needed a tuneup and new glass in some that had the thermal seal fail and frost up. These tilt windows have great functionality for airing out what can be hot space in the summer. The paint color was carried from walls all the way to the 15′ ceiling to draw your eyes to the windows and room decor, rather than the angles of the vaulted ceilings.

  • Carpet from Shaw Floors, Spirited Image OC172 in Rugged Image 00560 color with a luxurious 8lb pad.
  • Paint: Aura in Cosmopolitan CSP-100 Matte finish on walls; cabinets in Satin finish
  • Photo credit: Mitch Shenker Studio