Gas Chandeliers

We decided to restore the gas chandeliers on the main floor. We contacted the experts in this field, Quality Lighting’s Paul Ivazes. Paul does work all over the country. He had just been to the Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento and the UN building in San Francisco when he came over to work on ours.

Here is the dining room chandelier getting cleaned. Over time, deposits build up in the gas tubes and the valves need grease. While we had them down, he changed the electrical sockets and put in new electrical wiring as we suspected a short circuit was occurring somewhere. This one is a hybrid gas/electric made by Bradley & Hubbard and dates from the late 1890’s.

20141106_120858 20151104_132753

We moved one that was in the family room into the parlor. It’s a McKenny combination 8-candle gas and 8-electric chandelier dating to 1893. The electric shades are deep acid etched.

There was already a gas pipe in the ceiling medallion and we plan to eventually fire up the gas lamps again. Some adjustment was needed to raise it higher which Paul took care of.

DSC_0227 DSC_0104

The entrance chandelier is the most ornate of them all. It is a 6-arm Mitchell Vance jeweled aesthetic gas fixture with Moorish influences dating ~1882.


A safety improvement we made while the walls were open – we tied the ceiling gas pipes together, removing sections that were no longer being used, and added a shut off valve to enable easy shut off in case of a problem. This is the same key shut off valve as for a fireplace.

New gas shutoff for chandeliers