Crown, Casing & Baseboard

In the bedrooms and kitchen/family room we took the walls down to studs. The crown was made of plaster and very difficult to keep intact during all the demolition. We also wanted to remove all the old knob and tube electrical, communications cable, plumbing, baseboard heating, clean up junction boxes and add new HVAC and bath fans.

DSC_0473 20150126_152538

We liked the original look and feel of the crown, casing and baseboard so we searched for replicas. We found comparable casing (Winchester) and Rosettes in stock at a local moulding store (The Moulding Company). For the baseboard, we provided a sample which was custom milled out of 9″ poplar. Although it was 2x the price of off the shelf + $130 setup fee, the pattern is identical to what was there and matches up to the original Eastlake style making a great difference in the finished look.

20150107_171811 DSC_1054  20150114_174542

We restored the crown and other detail on the main floor, patching holes, sanding and spraying with an automotive gun using Benjamin Moore Advanced with Borne Alkyd to bind to the base oil paint. Some photos of the detail on this floor:

DSC_0131 DSC_0095 DSC_0069DSC_0080